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Emergency locksmith in Fort Collins Colorado


Emergency locksmith services help when you are stranded and cannot get into your home or vehicle. We work with clients to efficiently get them back into their homes and cars. We take our time to study the various locks and are up to date on the techniques that have recently hit the locksmith industry. It is vital to have all the latest tools and techniques under our belt.   Call (970) 397-2002 for your emergency locksmith needs.


Are you locked out of your home? Running outside quickly and not realizing the door is locked is more common than one might think. People are always calling us as if they were getting the mail or maybe they were letting the dog out. Whatever the reason, they go back to the door and cannot get in. Don’t try breaking a window or the door to get in. Call your local Fort Collins, Colorado locksmith right away. 


If you are stranded outside your car, we can also assist with this. We have helped people easily get into their homes and vehicles as emergency locksmiths. We take the time to ensure that your locks are working properly before we leave. This will ensure that it isn’t a locking issue and won’t happen again immediately.


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Emergency Lockout Services

We lock up everything for safety reasons. However, when our locks aren’t working right, this can pose a severe safety threat. You want your locks to be in proper working at all times to ensure that they are safe. Some lockouts are due to the locks themselves needing to be repaired or replaced. We offer standard lock replacement to install new hardware and make your doors look great. We also provide a rekeying option that will allow you to keep the hardware you have, and we will reconfigure it. Inside there are many tumblers that we can adjust to make them different than they were before and give you a new key.  

When you are locked out, it isn’t any fun. You need to call on the experts at 970 Locksmith Services to help you get back in and back to life. We all don’t like being locked out. But, at least there is someone to call when it happens. Don’t destroy your property trying to get into it. Call the experts. Get back into your vehicle or home with ease. If you are looking for emergency lockout services, we have you covered.

Did you locked yourself out of your house or car? Did you break or lost your key?

Locksmith Services during Emergencies

While we do offer emergency locksmith services, we also provide other services such as rekeying, adding additional locks to the building, upgrading the locks you have, or completely changing out the locks. We work with clients to ensure that we stay on budget as well. If you have a lock problem of any kind, we are happy to take a look for you. We have worked with all sorts of locks and understand the mechanisms and how they work. Call (970) 397-2002, and let’s take a look at your lock situation.

We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services in the longmont area

Save our phone number and contact us anytime you experience an emergency. We are always on standby and awaiting dispatch.  Call (970) 397-2002 today.