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Commercial locksmith services Fort Collins assists business owners with the locks. This could be changing the locks in the rental apartments or having new tenants in your commercial building. We help building owners get their locks fixed up and working again, no matter what the situation is. 


We can create new keys and rekey the locks as well. If you are looking to improve the security of your building, getting new locks installed is a must. We can also add internal locks into your building so that unauthorized personnel don’t have access to certain areas. 


We have installed locking systems from the outside that keep track of who opened that door. This is a great security feature as it adds an extra level of security, as you will always know who opened the door should something go missing.


Commercial locksmith services are there when you are in need of duplicate keys or need to change the locks altogether. If your locks are broken, we can assist with this too. We work with clients that have many different buildings that they manage as well as those that only have one. We have helped rental properties and apartment complexes as repeat business. 

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Lock Change Outs

When you have a building that has a lot of change over, getting your locks rekeyed, rather than installing new ones is important.  This will rekey your existing hardware, which is far less costly than replacing it with all new.  We offer rekeying services as a part of our commercial locksmith services and are happy to help. 

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying is offered to both commercial and residential clients.  However, we find that commercial clients save big with this service.  It is also wise to have your business rekeyed should you have had the same locks for many years.  While you have had employees come and go, over the years, keys have probably been lost.  People that shouldn’t have access, have access to your business.  This can be a very dangerous situation as they could gain access to your databases and files as well.  This can be a security breach that you don’t need.  If you have files that have people’s personal information or billing information on them at your business, you need to be extra cautious about who gets access to that information. 

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Improve the Security of your Building

The locks on your business are crucial and should be protected. There are many different types of locking systems as well. We would be happy to discuss these with you to determine which style would work best for your situation. Whether you are looking for new hardware or are looking to improve the security of your building, we can help. We can also help with broken locks, lost keys, lockout situations, and more. Call us at: (970) 397-2002.


As a locksmith in Fort Collins, Colorado, we have seen it all, from vehicle lockouts to lockouts of various buildings. Our emergency lockout services are there to help, and we take the time to go over and examine the situations to come up with the very best solution.

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